Self Check Survey

Am I ready for online learning? 

What skills will I need to be successful? 

You may be asking yourself these questions and more.   

Fortunately, there is a free survey that you can take to answer your questions and help you determine if online classes are the right choice for you. 

Research and data have shown that students who complete this self-check survey are significantly more likely to have success with online classes than those who do not.  Before investing a significant amount of time and money for online classes, start by investing a little time in yourself and determine if online classes are the right choice for your degree plan. This survey is provided by McNeese and Louisiana Online.  

The SmarterMeasure survey is a tool which helps you determine your level of readiness for taking online courses and to help you understand your strengths and weaknesses as you prepare to learn online. But relax, the SmarterMeasure survey is fun.  After completing the survey, you will view a webpage which will show you your results in easy to interpret graphs and text. 

To begin taking the survey, click here.