Getting Started with ProctorU

For Live+ and Live Launch Exams

Preparing for your ProctorU Exam:

  1. Create a ProctorU student account by clicking the sign up button on the McNeese State Student Portal.
  2. Download the ProctorU Chrome extension or Firefox extension.
  3. Visit the Live+ Test Taker Resource Center to watch a video of the ProctorU exam start process, read ProctorU’s system requirements, and learn helpful tips for taking your exam
  4. Visit the Test It Out page and click the button that says connect to a live person to fully test your equipment. Be sure to test your equipment in the same location where you will be taking your exam. To ensure the fastest connection, avoid having other users streaming Netflix on your connection. It is always recommended to hardwire to the internet, if possible.

Taking your ProctorU Exam:

  1. Log in to your ProctorU account to schedule your exam at least 72 hours in advance to avoid premium scheduling fees.
  2. Sign in to your ProctorU account at your appointment time.
  3. Click start session to begin your ProctorU session.
  4. You will go through system pre-checks to take a photo of yourself and your photo ID.
  5. You will be prompted to download LogMeInRescue to connect with your proctor. Be sure to run this file after you click download.
  6. Your proctor will secure your environment before unlocking the exam.

If you need assistance during an exam, click the blue owl in the top right of your browser to get help.