Honors College

The McNeese State University Honors College is for students with exceptionally strong academic records. The Honors College provides unique courses taught by exemplary professors as well as opportunities to enhance the educational experience outside of the classroom. Students interested in the Honors College should contact Dr. Scott Goins via email at sgoins@mcneese.edu or by phone at (337) 475-5456 or (800) 622-3352 ext. 5456.

Additional information about the Honors College can be found here.

Elements of Honors College

  • Core Honors Courses. During the first year, honors students enroll as a group in unique core courses which satisfy general education requirements. These courses are designed to foster critical thinking, enhance written and oral communication skills, and promote classroom discussions.
  • Honors Option Courses. Students choose the honors option designation in traditional courses by adding independent elements, e.g., a research paper/project or a presentation at a regional or national meeting, as decided by the professor of the course, department head, and director of the Honors College. Prerequisites for the Honors Option course designation include admission to University Honors College or 3.0 GPA and permission of department head. Students earning hours in courses with the Honors Option designation may not get credit for the traditional course of the same number.
  • International Study Abroad. Students successfully completing the first two years in the honors program have the option to study abroad in established programs.
  • Honors Independent Study. During the junior year, students can investigate a special topic through independent reading and writing, in-depth scholarly research, or completion of a creative project under the guidance of an honors professor.