How do I register for class?

Below is information to help you register for class using the MyMcNeese Portal.

How to Register.pdf

Follow this steps:

1. Go to
 2. Type in your username and password.

  • Your username is going to begin with “msu-“ and the first letter of your first name and your last name.
    • Example: msu-jmcneese
  • If you have a common last name or a long last name, you could have a number at the end or it could be shortened. Example: msu-jsmith10
  • To verify your username for MyMcNeese, log into your Banner Self Service account and click on the “Find Your MyMcNeese Portal ID” or contact Student Central at 337-475-5065.
  • When you log in the first time, your password will be your Student ID Number. Make      sure to include all the zeros.
  • *** If you are having problems with your PASSWORD, go to Student Central in Chozen Hall to reset your PIN.

3. Click on the “Self Service Banner” link at the top of the webpage.

4. Click on Student and Financial Aid and then on Registration

5. Click on Class Search and select the Term (Semester/Year) to look up class availability. 

  • In the Subject box, find the subject and click on it. Once you click, it will be highlighted in blue.
  • In the Course Number box, type in the three-digit class number that is listed on your advising sheet.
  • Scroll down, click on “Class Search”.
  • Find the course that you want to register for and write down the CRN # on the correct days/times on your “puzzle paper” (The CRN is the ‘item number’ for the particular class & each class has a unique number.)

6. Once your schedule is planned, close the Class Search window and return to the Banner Self-Service window.

7. Click on Register & Add/Drop Classes and then select the term

            **You also come to this page to change your schedule. Just choose the ‘Web Drop’ next  to the class and put in CRN for new class and hit ‘Submit’. ***

8. You will be asked to enter the ALTERNATE PIN that you received from your advisor for that semester.

9. Enter all the CRNs at the bottom of the Registration Page. Once you have entered the CRNs, click Submit Changes. ~ Any changes to your schedule are made here too.

10. To print out a schedule, click on “Return to Menu” at the top of the webpage and click on Printable Schedule.