How to use Microsoft Excel

Excel is a spreadsheet program. Spreadsheets are used to display and manipulate data, usually in numerical format. You can also use spreadsheets to create graphs and charts based on the information you input. If you have assignments that require displaying or making calculations using numerical data, you can consider using Excel.

The videos provided below are captioned

Introduction to Excel (0:33)
  • Short introduction to Excel
  • How to create a workbook
  • How to create worksheets in a workbook
  • How to use Excel as a calculator
  • How to fill data automatically
Rows and Columns (1:00)
  • How to insert/delete rows and columns
  • How to select content
  • How to hide columns and rows
  • How to manipulate content in cells
Cells (0:57)
  • How to move or copy cell content
  • How to change column width
  • How to find or replace text and numbers
  • How to merge and unmerge cells
Formatting (0:27)How to format the way numbers and text appear in cells
Formulas and Functions (1:39)How to apply formulas and functions to manipulate data in Excel
Tables (0:30)How to create tables using data you have entered
Charts (0:45)How to create charts using data you have entered