How to use Microsoft One Note

OneNote is a useful tool to use for creating and storing notes. There is information in the Student Success Hall about taking notes in online classes. OneNote is easy to use and you may want to consider using it to create and store notes for your courses.

The videos provided below are closed-captioned

Introduction to OneNote (1:22)A short introduction to OneNote and how to quickly start using it
Take Notes (1:43)
  • How to take notes
  • How to insert pictures, files, and videos
Format Notes (1:41)
  • How to change the look and feel of your OneNote by formatting notes and pages
  • How to insert and format tables
Draw and Sketch (0:53)
  • How to draw and sketch in OneNote
  • How to create shapes
Stay Organized (0:52)
  • How to search and find notes
  • How to organize your notebooks