How to use Microsoft Powerpoint

PowerPoint is presentation software that allows you to create presentations in a “slideshow” format. It has tools to allow you to add graphics, audio/video, and other design elements to your presentations.

The videos provided below are closed-captioned

Introduction to PowerPoint (1:01)A short introduction to PowerPoint including information about creating a new presentation and the basics of entering text
Slides and Layout
  • How to create slides
  • How to rearrange slides
  • How to customize slides
  • How to apply templates to slides
Text and Tables
  • How to insert text
  • How to insert WordArt
  • How to insert tables
  • How to insert information from Excel
Pictures and Graphics (1:14)
  • How to insert pictures, graphics, and SmartArt
  • How to modify slide background
  • How to insert charts and graphs
Animation, Video, and Audio (0:49)
  • How to add and remove transitions between slides
  • How to provide animation
  • How to add video
  • How to record your presentation
Present Slideshows (1:45)
  • How to start a presentation
  • How to use speaker notes
  • How to record a slideshow with narration
  • How to print your slideshow