Minimum Computer Requirements for Online Courses

Online students will need to have access to the following computer hardware and software to successfully complete courses: 

Computer Skills 

  • Ability to use web browsers. 

  • Ability to enter Uniform Resource Locators (URL's ). 

  • Ability to download files from the Internet. 

  • Be able to complete online forms. 

  • Be familiar with web-based email. 

Computer Hardware 

  • Computer with camera and sound and if using a tablet an iPad recommended for lockdown and monitored exams. 

  • Access to internet service - Dial up/56K modem minimum, cable modem preferred (the faster, the better). 

  • Printer (occasionally you may want to print documents). 

  • Monitor that will display at least 800x600 pixels (1024x768 preferred). 


  • Linux, Mac OS or Windows 2000 or better (XP, Vista) with internet browser. 

  • Java, JavaScript, and cookies must be enabled in your browser of choice. 

  • Software is needed for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.  

  • Free software is available through MyMcNeese portal > Software Downloads tab.