My classes in Moodle are different sections or have a different name?

For Fall 2020, some section labels and course names in Moodle may be different than the course name you see in the MyMcNeese Portal (Banner).  You might also see in Moodle some duplicated sections or multiple sections of the same course. Don't panic. Keep reading.

Faculty members will be contacting you through your McNeese email account to assist you with accessing your course in Moodle.  Some instructors will also post messages in your course announcements, see the links below to access email and course announcements.

Log In Help:

Login Help

How to Log In and Out of Moodle

Forgot Password? Need to reset your McNeese Portal password?

How to check which courses I need to use this semester (Fall 2020) in Moodle?

For some students, the Course Overview block in Moodle hides courses from view.  To view all McNeese courses scroll to the bottom of the block and select  the "Show All Courses" link.  Fall 2020 courses begin with 20F. Locate all your Fall 2020 (20F) courses in the list.  Open all the 20F courses and view the course content and read messages posted by your instructor in the course announcements.  Announcements also appear in your McNeese email inbox.

Viewing course announcements in Moodle - instructors may post messages in your course.

Access McNeese email - instructors may also send you an email about your course.

Contact your Advisor

If you have used the links above, opened one of your courses and only see a link for Announcements and there are no messages posted or no course items posted, please email either your instructor, or your advisor or the eLearning department (see contact below).  We will review the course and may need to contact the Registrar's Office, University Computer Services or one of the campus departments to get additional information for you.

Wrong Class? Can't find my class? Need to delete old classes?

Where is my class, I don't see it in Moodle?

How do I delete courses on my Moodle dashboard?  - Use these instructions to hide duplicated or old courses.

Customize the courses I see my Moodle dashboard - Use these instructions to hide duplicated or old courses.

Need Additional Help?

Contact Office of Online Learning  by phone (M-TH  7:30 am – 5:00 pm and Friday 7:30 am – 11:30 am ). 

Dr. Wendi Prater, Director, 337-475-5126 Office, 512-934-0663 Mobile (yes, it's okay to call or text),