Resume, Job Search, Career Help

McNeese has several resources available for resume, job search and career help.

Career and Student Development (CSD) Center, located in Holbrook Student Union across from the campus bookstore, provides services for students and alumni related to career goals. Services are designed to assist with developing professional skills and to provide information about employment and internship opportunities. The CSD Center provides a variety of career-related services, including:

  • Career and Major Exploration
  • Career Guidance and Advisement
  • Professional Document Writing (e.g., resume, cover letter, etc.)
  • Interview Preparation and Techniques
  • Job Search Strategies

The CSD Center is committed to serving students and employers and assisting both to meet employment needs. Through the biannual offerings of the Career Fair and the School District Recruitment Fair, students are provided with direct career and networking opportunities with employers. The CSD Center also coordinates informational sessions, on-campus recruitment, and job, internship, and career announcements.

Additional information may be obtained online at or by calling (337) 475-5612.

Career Testing, or Career Assessment, provides students with information intended to lead to greater self-understanding and to informed decisions about education and career goals. This information can be used to assist students in the process of selecting a major and/or career path.

The Counseling Center currently offers the Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessments for a small fee. A free online assessment is also available to enrolled students. Students interested in career testing should complete the online request form available at or call (337) 475-5136. Once the self-assessment is completed, a student schedules a follow-up career counseling appointment to discuss results and understand how to effectivly use them in the process of choosing a major and/or career.

Learn about additional campus services here.

Online Resume, Job Search and Career Help

McNeese also provides at no cost (free) online resources through  HomeworkLouisiana and The online service includes one-on-one, real-time assistance with your job search. Online tutors are available to help navigate online job sites, complete applications, write or review resumes and cover letters and even offer practice interviews.  Adult Education Center services are also available and include resumé, cover letter assistance, interview preparation, online applications, career resources . The ProofPoint™ Real Time Writing Center  also enables students or job seekers to upload documents to receive a live review, edits and writing strategy assistance. SkillsCenter™ Resource Library includes thousands of vetted resources for independent study such as tutorials, videos and study guides that map to the subjects, resume tips and guidelines, etc. 

All online job and career services help can be accessed from the McNeese library (see Research Tools), or through Moodle (see Library Links on menu bar > Homework Help).