Student Rights and Responsibilites

Each student is  responsible for completing all degree requirements established by McNeese and the appropriate college and department. It is the student’s responsibility to be informed of requirements and any changes which may be implemented. A student’s advisor may not assume these responsibilities and may not substitute, waive, or exempt the student from any established requirement or academic standard. Additionally, students are held responsible for rules and regulations governing University requirements such as routine registration, academic standards, student activities, and organizations.  Read more information about student responsibilities.

McNeese State University conducts the tasks of education, research and service on the fundamental assumption that every student who enrolls at the University has a right to a student-centered learning environment that fosters academic excellence and personal success. Students positively contribute to this environment by maintaining high standards of integrity and ethical honor in all academic work and personal conduct, familiarizing themselves with and adhering to all policies and regulations of the University, promptly fulfilling all academic, contractual, and financial obligations, and actively participating in University life.

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