Use Office 365

All McNeese faculty, staff and students have access to many Microsoft apps in Office 365.  There are many apps available to access you with your courses work and to help you collaborate and connect with classmates, faculty and staff members.

Use Office 365 for writing papers, making spreadsheets, giving presentations, meeting others and completing activities as a student.  If you don't have experience with these tools, see the information below.

Access Office 365

Direct Link: Then log in with McNeese email and password.  

Or log into MyMcneese > Office365 > See all the apps available to students. Log in to any app or cloud service using you McNeese email and password.

How do I use?

Teams Meeting for Virtual Meetings


One Note





Accessibility Recommendations

Windows PC or Office 365 Voice Typing

Speech to Text for Windows and Microsoft 365

Dictate in Microsoft 356

Use Dictation to Talk Instead of Type on PC

Do you need to voice type or hear text, or make any document audible with a Mac or use Google Docs instead? Read here.

New to Voice Typing? These tools let students capture as text live on campus or online lectures, take notes using voice typing, or use these tips to transcribe course videos for closed captioning. Read more here.

Need Additional Help?

For Moodle, RespondusBigBlueButton, Web Conference (Skype for Business), E-Books, application downloads for online resources: Contact Office of Online Learning  by phone (M-TH  7:30 am – 5:00 pm and Friday 7:30 am – 11:30 am ). Dr. Wendi Prater, Director, 337-475-5126 Office,

For internet connection or WiFi, email, VPN, office phone, Office 365, any McNeese login, or online course computer requirements, equipment requirements for online courses:  Contact Office of Information Technology by phone (M-TH  7:30 am – 5:00 pm and Friday 7:30 am – 11:30 am) 337-475-5995.  Email recommended: