Using a Webcam with Respondus LockDown Browser

  1. You will need to ensure that your settings allow the browser to be downloaded. You have borrowing a laptop or using a loaner device, you will also need to ensure you have permission to download and install the files.

  1. Download the browser using the link provided to you by the instructor. This will usually be listed on the course Syllabus or within the first section of the course. You will need to accept the license agreement when requested. 

  1. Once downloaded, the link should bring you directly to the learning management system used by your institution 

  1. Plug in the webcam 

  1. Select the “Help Center” option 

  1. You will be asked to run a webcam check or an environmental room scan, find instructions here. Select yes if you see image. If now, you may need to select a different webcam from the options in Respondus (NOTE: this is if you have an external webcam plugged into a laptop or desktop that comes with a built in web camera) 

  1. You will be prompted to record a 5 second video 

  1. You may also do a sound check to ensure that all sound works properly.  

  1. Once both sound and video are confirmed to working, you may section the “x” button on the “Help Center” window. 

  1. This will bring you back to the Moodle Page 

NOTE: When selecting a quiz or exam that requires the Respondus LockDown Browser, it is recommended that you select it directly from the course module itself and NOT from any “reminder” section in the corner of your screen.

How to complete Environmental Check in Respondus