How to complete the Environmental Check with Desktop or Mobile Phone

Students must use either an external webcam, laptop camera, iPad, mirror, or mobile phone with a  camera to complete this check.

This step ensures the area around the student’s computer is clear of papers, books, phones, etc. Students are asked to pick up and slowly tilt/pan their webcam, laptop camera, or mobile phone, so a video can be made of the area around their computer. If the student is using a desktop computer with a built-in camera (like on many Macs), they must use a mirror to show the edges of their computer monitor. Students must ensure that they have recorded all 360 degrees of their environment and desk area. This includes the areas beside, behind, under, and above the computer. Instructors are advised to pay particular attention to exam videos in which the Environment Check was not completed fully or properly.  When using a mirror scan the environment very slowing so that the recording can capture an image and record the environment clearly.