Vehicle Registration Parking

Information about McNeese Parking Regulations, including university traffic and parking regulations, is available online at

To park on campus, students, faculty, and staff members must register a vehicle with the University Police department. Each vehicle must have a separate parking permit number (hang-tag). To register a vehicle for a parking permit, state vehicle registration paper(s) must be presented to the University Police department.

The registration fee per vehicle for faculty and staff is $40 for the year. The registration fee per vehicle for students is $18 for the fall semester, $17 for the spring semester, $15 for the summer session, or $40 for the year. A hang-tag parking permit is provided for each registered vehicle. Hang-tags should be kept and presented each semester for renewal. A $35 fee is charged to replace a hang-tag that is disposed of, lost, or stolen. Hang-tags must be surrendered to University Police after students graduate or employees separate from the University.

Registration of a vehicle does not guarantee a place to park; it allows parking if space is available. These rules and fees also apply to students enrolled in evening classes.