Find your courses in Moodle

Find Your Courses

Once you log in to Moodle, courses will be listed on your dashboard.  If you do not see your course on the dashboard, you may need to customize the courses viewed on the Course Overview block (see steps below). If you follow the customization steps to locate your course and still do not see it listed on your dashboard, the course may not yet be open to students.  So be sure to check again after the first day of class, or email and ask your instructor when will the course be available.  

Also, check the scheduled start date for your class because some courses do not start until mid-semester. Typically, instructors wait until close to the start date of these semester (B) sessions to make the course available.  Again, I recommend emailing your instructor to ask when will the course be available.

Then after following these steps, if you still do not have access or see your course listed on your dashboard, contact the registrar's office for help.

To customize your dashboard so that you only see your current courses, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to Moodle.
  2. Look through the courses on your Course Overview block.  If needed,  select the " Show All Courses" link at the bottom of the block and continue scrolling through the list of courses.
  3. To reorder courses in the Course Overview block, from the Moodle dashboard, select the "Customize this Page" Button.
  4. Scroll through the list of courses and find the course you would like to move.  
  5. Use the four-arrow icon next to each course title to move the course up or down the list.
  6. Once you have moved your courses, at the top of the Course Overview Block, select the number of courses to display on the dashboard.
  7. Select "Stop Customizing this Page".

The video below will demonstrate how you may hide the courses you don’t wish to see.