How to use Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a word processing program. You can use Word to create and save text documents. You will use Word for writing most of your papers and assignments.

The videos provided below are captioned

Welcome to Word (1:01)A short overview of Word, how it is used, and its basic functions
Write and Edit (0:59)How to perform basic writing functions in Word and how to make changes to text
Format Text (0:59)
  • How to change how your text appears (font type/size)
  • How to create bulleted or numbered lists
  • How to apply “styles” and “themes”
Layout Pages (0:24)
  • How to change margins and borders
  • How to insert headers, footers, and page breaks
  • How to insert page numbers
Insert Tables and Pictures (1:29)How to add tables and graphics to documents.
Save and Print (0:28)How to save and print documents.